Hello guys I’m Arthur “King Arthur” Well I was named after prince Louis Arthur but I like the ring of King hehe. A lovely farmer brought me and my twin Louis into the Sanctuary May 2018. We were in a really poorly state after our mum had abandoned us, but the farmer didn’t have time to hand rear us as we were so weak and needed tube feeding to begin with. The amazing guys and girls at the sanctuary were happy to pick up the extra work and soon had me full of life aid fluids and milk. After working very hard to save us sadly my brother Louis was so weak, it was too late for him and he didn’t make it. Thankfully the team didn’t let this dishearten them and they continued to give me intensive care and cuddles and as time went on, I got stronger and stronger. I know live at the sanctuary with my adoptive brother and sisters. By sponsoring me you can ensure Idlewild have the funds to keep me here for the rest of my life happy and heath with my friends and family. The funds that the sponsorship will raise will be used for food, treats and bedding for all us lambs and the other animals Idlewild are able to help.





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Weight 527 kg
Dimensions 31.5 × 22.5 × 6 cm