Hi I’m Bonnie a distinctive white and brown Welsh Mountain Sheep, I have a lot more brown than most Welsh Mountain sheep. I and I was born in April 2018 and was brought to the sanctuary by the local farmer as I was very weak and unable to stand, so I could not feed off my mum. The team at Idlewild took me and my mum in and tried to help with my feeding. The team tried very hard to keep us together but sadly as I wasn’t strong enough to stand and was very wobbly and different, so my mum rejected me. The team turned mum back out to the field with her friends as agreed with the farmer and hand reared me. Over time with physio I grew strong enough to stand but I was very unsteady on my legs. I still have my trademark wobble the team thing down to some sort of neurological condition but I am thriving well and live in the filed with the my other lambs friends and Nansi our goat friend. Please sponsor me today to keep me thriving and being cared for by the team here at Idlewild. I love life and am happy with my friends here as they all except me and my quirks.




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Weight 527 kg
Dimensions 31.5 × 22.5 × 6 cm