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Our Rehoming policies

Anyone looking to rehome an animal or animals from the sanctuary, needs to first do some research into the needs of the animal they are interested in. This must include the life span, feeding requirements and housing requirements to ensure that you can offer a suitable environment for that animal for the rest of its natural life. We only rehome animals to forever homes and this must be considered when thinking about adopting an Animal from Idlewild Animal Sanctuary. If you are confident you can offer a loving forever home to an animal, then you can have a look through the website and see which animals we have available for adoption.

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Animal Surrender Policy*

(*All animals that are surrendered to the care of the sanctuary must be brought to us by the current legal owner or their owners next of kin if the owner is deceased. Current photographic ID must be shown when signing a surrender form. No animal will be admitted into our care without current ID having been seen. In the event that the owner is deceased, then a death certificate must be seen along with evidence of the connection of the person handing over to the current legal owner. This can be in the form off a power of atourney or probate forms. If these are not available, then a solicitor’s letter confirming the legal rights of the person handing over the animal to do so. An animal surrender form will be completed for all animal being surrendered into the sanctuary’s care. All the current owners’ details, animals’ details, current veterinary practice, relevant medical history and reasons for the animal being surrender into the care of the sanctuary must be completed. By signing the surrender form the person is confirming they are the legal owner and to their knowledge no other person has any rights to this animal. The person the signing the surrender form is surrendering all rights to the animal and signing it into the ownership of Idlewild animal sanctuary. Once the animal is relinquished the animal will not be returned to the owner unless this is agreed by the Sanctuary. All animals incoming to the sanctuary will be scanned for a microchip and the chip details will be checked against the database before the animal is signed over. The details on the microchip must match that of the current owner and ID shown. If this is not the case the current owner registered to the microchip, will be contacted directly to ensure the animal is legally being handed wither their knowledge and has not been stolen or a missing pet. If the microchip is an overseas microchip, then a pet passport or documentation relating to the import of the animal must be shown before the Sanctuary will take the legal ownership of the animal. Any animal that appears to have been imported but no documentation can be presented then the case will be referred to DEFRA to ensure the animal is illegally present in the UK and has been subjected to the correct controls and checks. All animals that have been vaccinated must be presented with a current vaccination certificate or if this is lost then the veterinary details of the vet the animal is registered with and the vet will be contacted to confirm the animal is vaccinated and when these are due again. All animals once surrender will have a vet check up and then be microchipped if not already microchipped. All animals will be vaccinated, or vaccinations brought up to date before the animal leaves our care.  All animals that are not neutered and are old enough, will be neutered as soon as possible. In the event an animal is not old enough to be neutered then a neutering voucher will be issued at the time of the rehoming. All animals surrendered will be held in our care for a minimum of 7 days before being rehomed).

Once you have done this and found an animal you would like to meet, you need to contact the sanctuary by either calling the team on 01492 558691 or Emailing

Depending upon the animal and its needs, we may ask you a range of questions regarding your individual circumstances to pre-qualify you as a potentially suitable adopter. The welfare of all our animals is our number one concern and animals will only be rehomed, if we are 100 % happy that a good match has been made and you are able to provide the best environment and care that the animal needs.

Please click the coloured boxes below to read more about our rehoming policies and to see which animal companions we currently have available for rehoming:

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