Idlewild Animal Sanctuary is a registered charity that provides care to a variety of animals through the rescue, rehabilitation, release and rehoming service in addition to providing a safe haven for animals that need life long care. We also provide a therapeutic and educational resource and through our work with people, we promote health, wellbeing and mindfulness in regard to living a kind and cruelty free life.

About Us.

The sanctuary is unique in that it was set up to re-home the more “unusual” animals that might not otherwise find a loving home. We specialise in caring for animals that are elderly or have additional needs due to illness or disabilities and require that extra care. Alongside our rehoming service, which takes in a range of different animals and finds them a loving forever home, we also provide a lifelong home at the sanctuary for those animals for whom rehoming is not an option.

Our story

About the Sanctuary

Hello. I am Kim Barton-Jones HND, Bsc hons, PG Dip CABC. I am the Sanctuary Manager at Idlewild Animal Sanctuary. 
Animals have been my love and passion for as long as I can remember. After leaving school I attended Reaseheath College in Nantwich where I studied Animal care and Management. I then studied for a HND and BSc Hons in Animal Behaviour and Welfare at the University of Chester and in 2010 I completed a PG Dip/MSc in Companion Animal Behaviour Counsellor at the University of Southampton. 
Since leaving University my work has involved many different animal related roles including; a wildlife hospital, conservation work in South Africa, Sound Therapy for pets, a Behaviour Counsellor  and a range of rehoming centres/animal sanctuaries. 

Our charity status was obtained in August 2015 and, through this rigorous process, we have demonstrated our commitment to ensure all animals in our care receive the highest level of care, attention and support to lead happy, healthy lives.

I joined Idlewild Animal Sanctuary as Sanctuary Manager in May 2017. At the sanctuary, I am responsible for overseeing the care and well-being of the animals and managing our team of staff and volunteers. I became a Trustee for the Sanctuary in 2019 and now help with the running of the charity at board level.”


HND, BSc Hons, PG Dip, CABC

Friends Not Food...

Companions not Commodities


Idlewild Animal Sanctuary

Idlewild Animal Sanctuary will do everything it possibly can to help and assist with an animal in need

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New Opportunity. We are looking for a Trustee to join our Board of Trustees. Would you like to help shape our future by taking an

sheep in leg cast with cockerel eating out of a bowl

Beans Update

Beans had a vet check recently when our vet recommend we really consider putting beans to sleep. We really felt beans wasn’t ready for that

Yinka has had her operation

Thank you to our vet Beth for taking such good care of yinka and removing her tumor. We will be keeping a close eye on

The Animals We Care For

We believe every animal has as much right as we do to live a full and contended life during their time on this earth, free from abuse and exploitation and we have a responsibility to allow each living being to live a life free from pain, abuse and suffering for our own gain.


Kickstart Scheme Volunteer

I love volunteering at Idlewild. All the animals have their own personalities! My confidence has grown immensely and I have made great friends here. I would recommend to anybody interested in animal care to volunteer at the Sanctuary. The level of care the animals receive is amazing.