My name is Jemima and I have a gorgeous sister Brie and lovely mother Geraldine, I was born here at the Sanctuary. My mum tells me I am very lucky to have been born in such a lovely place. I spend most of my time with my mum and we can often be found somewhere curled up together. My favourite food to eat is raspberries, these don’t grow in our field, so I must wait until the staff buy me some and I’m always first in the queue for one. I enjoy jumping up to the buckets to get my nose in first to see what delicious treats are there, however the staff do tell me to keep my hooves on the floor, but I don’t listen, hehe. I am always jumping onto the back of the quad bike just, so I can steal some food. Please sponsor me today and keep me, my mother Geraldine and my sister Brie living a comfortable happy life together, at Idlewild. 





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Weight 527 kg
Dimensions 31.5 × 22.5 × 6 cm