Well howdy do, I’m Constance the KuneKune pig and I’m the most beautiful pig in the sanctuary. I’m a diva and spend my time annoying George, he hogs the bed…Get it? Hog? Haha! I followed George and Orwell as they told me this place was amazing, and boy did they get it right! The staff bring watermelon, which is a favourite of this diva, it’s really refreshing and hydrating. The staff always come and give this diva a belly rub, which is utterly enjoyable. I live in the large paddock in the middle of the sanctuary with George and our Sheep and Goat friends. If you sponsor me today the staff can carry on their amazing work and keep providing me with those important belly rubs, also I want more sponsors than George muhaha!





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Weight 527 kg
Dimensions 31.5 × 22.5 × 6 cm