Hi I am Clover, I am 25 years old, flea bitten Grey Irish Draft cross Thoroughbred. I was brought into Idlewild in August 2018 with my sister Solo after unfortunately our mum passed away. Due to my age I was very lucky that my mums amazing family contacted the Idlewild team and asked them to take us. I didn’t think I would be offered a home as such an old age, but I was very happy to hear they would take me on too. In the winter I require lot and lot and lot and lots of food, rugs and good quality haylage as otherwise I lose weight really quickly. The Idlewild team are looking after me very well its just my age that is against me. I love to get apples and carrots and always greet anyone coming to say hello. Please sponsor me and help the lovely Idlewild team pay for all this extra feed and hay to help in keeping my happy and healthy to life out the rest of my days with my little sister.





Additional information

Weight 527 kg
Dimensions 31.5 × 22.5 × 6 cm