Tibby and Binx are around 8 years old and were both hand reared kittens.

The boys get on really well together and enjoy each others company. However, they can become dominant with other cats, so they will need to be re-homed to a house with no other cats.
Both Tibby and Binx love being outdoors and playing together.
The boys love attention and purr constantly. They are usually very happy being picked up for cuddles.
Both boys are litter trained, but Binx prefers to go outside, and Tibby prefers to use a tray.
The boys do enjoy playing particularly Binx; they tend to prefer feathery toys and balls and enjoy you joining in the fun with them.
They are easygoing and genuinely lovely pets who are only looking for a home due to a change in circumstance for their previous owner.
They will be the perfect companions for someone.
The adoption donation is £105 per cat, and the boys must go together.