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Seagull Rescue

This is a new intake from this weekend from our friends at Foundation For Feathered Friends. This young gull has been assessed and is now outside in one of our rehabilitation pens.

He has started his hydrotherapy today and we will continue to work with him to build up his muscle mass and ability flight ability.
We currently have 8 gulls left in for rehabilitation and have already released 28 onsite.
If you would like to donate towards there rehabilitation and care please follow the link below.
The seagulls get 3 meals a day consisting of a wide range of fish plus some wet cat and dog food and this is an expensive group of animals to feed.
We will update you all on Storms project in the coming days and weeks.
Storm has the sweetest nature possible as he never tried to peck once yesterday despite much handling.
we got to the Finder to discover that he had flown off his (very large and long) flat roof to the garden below. Of course he would never have been able to get back up again and the owner had a dog so we got there in the nick of time. we had a very pleasant drive to #idlewildanimalsanctuary past the calm blue sea and through the rolling winding country roads. It was completely idyllic and after we parked up Paul (Bray) our dear Friend carried Storm in his arms whilst Storm looked around him and listened to the crowing of a cockerel as we approached. The air was fresh and clear as only country air can be and we passed the pen where Storm would be after his assessment and said hello to the gulls who would be his friends. Lots of happy little hens (ex cage) clucked around us.
Sophie met us at the office and Paul popped Storm into his cage for the night. He was inquisitive about what was going on. Above him was Colin the Cockerel who has trouble with his legs and now has a tumour behind them and can’t walk. Above him was Smurf the gull found at a roundabout with both legs badly hurt. Sophie showed us his little wheel chair that he can get about in and his bath for his hydrotherapy. There was an adorable tiny black kitten with emerald eyes (that i would quite happily have brought home if not for the thought of what my landlady would say about another cat…) A little pigeon and a grown cat whose Owner had gone into a home. Stress had made her very scared and therefore aggressive and the RSPCA had refused her. But Idlewild did not.
Storm had some tuna that Sophie gave him. i sat down and talked to him and he came right up to the front and looked into my eyes trying to understand what i was saying to him. He is such a dear little boy ~ i wish i could have stayed with him but unfortunately that is not my role. His wing is still hanging as you can see from the picture of him taken on Saturday 18th. This happens after he tries to flap them. The first image one is from August 31st before he went to two vets for inspection and to rehab for 11 days. He would have gone straight to Idlewild from rehab had we known there was still a problem. We saw the problem the day after he came back and then it seemed fair to give him a chance to see if it got better and advice was that it could just be muscle strain. It has got better (as he can now fly off the roof!) but not enough for him to fly off safely so this is his best chance now. we will keep you updated on his progress.
Sophie showed us all the pigeons who have been released but who insist on staying, Nancy the cashmere goat who must make friends with every visitor and all the beautiful cats that need a new home. Please people if you want a pet give one of these a home. They were beautiful.
Whilst we were there we saw some juvenile gulls flying back for some supper as it was nearly feeding time. They are well and released but make their way back for some grub which they are never refused. It will be the same for Storm if he gets well enough to fly and wants to stick around. He will always be assured of a full tummy.
we thank Idlewild for taking in our little Storm ~ Sophie was so friendly and kind we are sure Storm will receive the individual care he needs and thanks again Paul for driving our little Storm about and to Kim Mike Schud for lending him your roof not once but twice. we really tried to bring him back home to Caernarfon.
If his wing had been healed, as we believed when we brought him back, we would have been successful in giving him back his life, in Caernarfon itself, which had been interrupted by a trauma. But Sophie said its not so far that Storm cannot fly back if he wanted! Good luck Storm.