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Sabrina was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer in November and it was hoped she would have around 3-4 months but sadly this was not meant to be and Sabrina was put to sleep at home yesterday with her family around her. She began to deteriorate pretty rapidly in the end having been very stable since her diagnosis. Her owners were saying to the vet how most cats are loved by the owners who have them all their lives but Sabrina has been loved by so many people, from the farm she lived on originally, to the team at the sanctuary and then there in their own family.
She was a very special girl indeed and we’ll never forget her. RIP Special Girl.
Please neuter your cats Sabrina would likely not have died of Brest Cancer if she was neutered at a young age. Sadly we didn’t get to her in time.
Sabrina came in from a farm with 32 other cats in the biggest rescue we have evey done. She was found to have FIV along with many of the other cats and was rehomed with Gandalf. Gandalf is sadly the last remaining Fiv cat from the reascue.