All Small Animals are assessed when they arrive at the Sanctuary so that we are in the best position to tell you as much about their personality, their likes and dislikes, and how they are to be handled and if they have any apparent health problems.

All our Small Animals come in for a number of different reasons. Some come directly from owners, some are abandoned, and some are strays. It is important each animal it treated as an individual as the needs of some small animals can be different to others.

We rehome our Small Animals to the following local areas LL18, LL19, LL26, LL27, LL28, LL29, LL30, LL31, LL32, LL33 and LL34 this is due to home checking resources. There on some occasions we can home check further afield, but this will depend on resources and the animals concerned. All home checks require homes to have a suitable outdoor enclosure that are fox-proof, well secured and warm, opportunity for rabbits to free range. If kept indoors a suitably sized enclosure is required, that provides all items for the rabbits needs like food, water, enrichment and exercise access. Rodents require a well secure escape-proof enclosure indoors with enrichment provided such as tubes and climbing equipment, and opportunity for exercise outside of the enclosure. If there are other animals in the home this will be assessed during the home check to ensure the adopted animal will be kept safe and secure to avoid incidents and there is suitable room to take on another animal. Ferrets will require a suitable escape-proof and fox-proof enclosure that also provides for extra exercise opportunities, food, water and is warm. Some time out of the enclosure in a secure environment would also be needed. 

If you live in rented accommodation you will be asked to obtain written permission from your landlord. We also will not rehome an animal close to where it was found/previously lived to avoid complications and unnecessary stress for animal or new owners.

Adopting a rescue animal can be a fantastically rewarding experience and we always look forward to finding our animal the best forever home. Every new owner will sign an adoption contract when rehoming a small animal and we offer lifelong back up so we are always on hand to offer follow up advice and if you do encounter any problems with your adoption then all small animals must be returned to the Sanctuary for the team to then place into a new home. No small animals under any circumstance can be sold or given away they must always be returned where we are in the best position for care for the animal and find a more suitable home.

We currently have no small animals for re-homing.