All our Horses and Donkeys are assessed when they arrive at the Sanctuary so that we are in the best position to tell you as much as we can about them. We will always ask about their background when they come in but can only pass on what we are told. We do not ride the equines so any information given will be based on what we have been informed by the previous owner. We ask if they have been or are able to be ridden, if they are ok to be groomed, handled, how they are with dentist and Farriers. What other equines and animals they have been around, how they have been living i.e. stabled or out in a field with shelter and if they have any apparent health problems. Whilst in our care we will have then checked by the vet and our own Farrier and will be handling them daily so we will be able to report back on how they were to handle. 

We rehome our Equines to the following local areas LL18, LL19, LL26, LL27, LL28, LL29, LL30, LL31, LL32, LL33 and LL34 this is due to home checking resources. On some occasions we can home check further afield, but this will depend on resources and the animals concerned. All home checks require homes to have the facilities to offer equines a suitable sized paddock will access to grazing and shelter. All equines must have direct access to other equine companions unless rehomed in a pair from the sanctuary. No Equine will be rehomed to live alone without social contact. All Equines must have sufficient access to food, water and shelter. 


All equines will be passported and microchipped.

Adopting a Horse or Donkey can be a fantastically rewarding experience and we always look forward to finding our animal the best forever home. Every new owner will sign an adoption contract when rehoming any equine and we offer lifelong back up, so we are always on hand to offer follow up advice and if you do encounter any problems with your adoption then Equines must be returned to the Sanctuary for the team to then place into a new home. There may sometime be a delay on space being able if we are full but when you rehome equine you are agreeing to keep them in your position until such a time that we have the space available to take them in again.  No equine animals under any circumstance can be sold, put on loan or given away they must always be returned where we are in the best position for care for the animal and find a more suitable home.

These are the Equine animals we currently have for rehoming: