We have had a really tough run of it recently with lots of poorly animals.
Today is no different we have lost our beautiful Oksana mummy cat.
Oksana came in after being a stray and having kittens. You may have seen the post as we have lost 2 kittens from the litter of 5. She has struggled throughout her kitten rearing and we have been supporting every step of the way. Sadly we have found out she had a tumour in her abdomen that had grown across her intestines and closed them off. She was purring right up until the end and just went to sleep. She was a special girl and we will miss her as will her kittens.
We are having her cremated and her ashes are going to her finder who was waiting for her to be available for rehoming and she had a lovely home waiting. We will do our best for her remaining 3 kittens and we will say again PLEASE NEUTER YOUR CATS! This girl was around 9 months old, just a baby herself.
If you would like to donate towards her care and cremation fees, the paypal is kim.idlewild@gmail.com

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