Claiming ownership of an animal policy

To claim ownership of an animal surrendered to the Sanctuary; The “owner” has 7 days to contact the sanctuary regarding the animal, to report it missing or enquire if we have the animal. After this holding period of 7 days, if the animal is not claimed then the animal will be available for rehoming. If an owner contacts the Sanctuary after this 7 day period, then the animal may be returned on the discretion of the Manager. However, if this animal has been rehomed then there will be no claim on the animal as it will have been held for the 7 days prior to rehoming.

In order to prove ownership. An owner MUST have the following:

  • If the animal is microchipped an owner must have the microchip paperwork and the animal must be registered to their address in their name with an up to date contact number.
  • If the animal is not microchipped or registered then the animal (Dog, Cat or Rabbit) must be chipped and/or registered before being returned to the owner to prevent this from happening again. The cost of this process must be covered by the owner.
  • The owners MUST provide an up to date vaccination record in their name and at their current address.
  • If the animal is not vaccinated then this must be done before the animal is returned and the cost covered by the owner for the full vaccination course.
  • The owners must provide Photo Identification to confirm the identity of the owner and this must match the name and address on the vaccination certificate and microchip.
  • If an animal is in poor health when brought to the Sanctuary then an owner must either provide proof that the animal is and has been treated by a vet with a receipt to show this treatment and the receipt must show the name and address of the owner.  Any medical treatment required will be provided under the veterinary advice without exception whilst in our care in order to ensure the welfare of the animal.

If ownership is proven by means of the above documentation then the owner would need to cover the cost of all veterinary treatment recommended by the vets during the animals stay at the sanctuary. Plus cover the food and care cost of the animal whilst at the sanctuary at a rate of £7.00 per animal per day.

All Payments must be made in full by either bank transfer or cash and must clear before the cat will be released from our care.

Many Thanks,

Kim Barton-Jones
Center Manager
Idlewild Animal Sanctuary