Kittens rescue

Prince’s other eye has ruptured today. He is in the vets now waiting for another operation to remove the remaining eye. This will result in him being blind. We actually believe he was already blind and has no sight in his remaining eye but once it is removed, he will definitely be completely blind.
We thought long and hard about the decision to operate, but we do feel it is what is best for him. We consulted with others including our vets and an independent vet and feel, as he was already most probably blind anyway and doing well, this is what we need to do for him.
He is happy in himself and doing well. He is gaining weight, playing with his brother and purring when you cuddle him, so we do feel he has a quality of life. We are devastated we couldn’t save his other eye, but we feel that he will cope as he has never been able to see.
Please help us if you can as we now need to pay for yet another operation.

Please all keep him in your thoughts and we will update later.

We want to say a massive thank you to Mary at Wern vets in Llanrwst for getting Prince through his second eye removal surgery.
He has just come back home and is catching up with his brother Duke before his cone goes on. We don’t want him or Duke pulling out his stitches but wanted to let them have 5 minutes to catch up. Poor Duke has missed Prince a lot today while he was at the vets.
Now for lots and lots of TLC.