Stanley and Honey

We have some really sad news.
We have been waiting to make an announcement as the team was still coming to terms with the losses.
We are sorry to inform you all that sadly we loss Honey our hand reared goat. She was found in the field having a seizure and was rushed to the vets but sadly passed away at the vets. A post mortem was carried out incase there was something we needed to protected the others from but frustratingly this was inconclusive. It is suspected she may have eaten something toxic but none of the tests taken have been positive for toxins. The actual cause is sadly unknown. She was a happy health 1 year old hand reared goat and the whole team is devastated. Honey came in after been found in a quarry alone and she was hand-reared and lived with her 2 other friends Bee and Fern. The other 2 are missing her a lot as, she was head of the herd. She definitely led everyone into mischief whenever she could. The team are very sad she is no long with us.
If that wasn’t enough we are sad to tell you all that Stanley one of our long term resident sheep was found passed away in the field. A post mortam on him relieved he has suffered from a twisted gut. There was nothing we could have done to prevent it as he showed no symptoms and went from perfectly fine to gone without warning. Stanley had been at the sanctuary since being a few hours old and was only 5. Most people that came to the sanctuary open days will remember Stanley making himself known. Quite often with his cheeky behaviour. He was a real character and has left a big hole in our lives.
Rest in peace Honey and Stanley ❤️ 🐐🐑❤️.
Thank you to the whole team at The Pet Cemetery Tea Rooms who showed the animals the respect they deserved. Livestock are no less precious than companion animals and the team lead by Jason really demonstrated this. We are very grateful for all their support.