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Idlewild Animal Sanctuary is a Registered Charity (No. 1163184) set up to re-home and care for unwanted and abandoned animals. We rely on donations from our kind sponsors to run the Sanctuary.


Here are our newbies enjoying some branches. They have only been with us a few days, yet they have had foot care and foot rot treatment, treatment for ticks (we have never seen such a huge burden on lambs before) and preventative treatment for external parasites and fly strike, worming treatments, the boys have been castrated by the vet and they have all been vaccinated. They are still under quarantine conditions for a few weeks and will need shearing but very soon they will be with the rest of our sheep enjoying life at Idlewild. We really do help with all the animals that we can and a lot of care and expense goes into new animals. If you would like to donate, this will help with the veterinary costs and food for our new residents and the other 130 animals in our care! With your help, we can continue to provide for and feed the animals that come into our care. You can help now by donating! Thank you!

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