We can not begin to tell you how sad we are to say that Benben said his final goodbye last night. Benben was popular with everyone and had been at the sanctuary since the very beginning. He arrived unable to walk properly and was hand reared by Ian back in 2014. He has lived at the sanctuary with lots of animals over that time. He has outlived all the other rams that were his pals and now hopefully they are up there grazing together again. Benben was up and around grazing yesterday but didn’t appear himself this today, so we called out the vet. They gave us some meds but did say it didn’t look good. We have heard this a million times about Benben and he always bounces back. He has been to the Leahurst the veterinary Hospital for operations and stays. He has been treated as an inpatient at our own vets. Every time he has rallied and been OK. We didn’t think this was any different. We were so shocked to find him gone tonight when he was checked. The whole team is devastated. Rest in peace Benben .