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Beans Update

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Beans had a vet check recently when our vet recommend we really consider putting beans to sleep.
We really felt beans wasn’t ready for that and wanted to keep fighting for her.
When the vet took her cast off and she had large wounds on her hock from the cast. The vet agreed to give us 5 days to see how the healing would go.
We have been doing daily dressing changes will specialist healing promoting dressing and have been doing eveything we can for her.
Thankfully the vets were happy with the progress at the next check and wanted to see her again on Wednesday this week.
Please all keep your fingers crossed for her.
We do now know that she does have some sort of brittle bone disease as the vets have compared xrays.
The vets are very realistic- in their words we may have to consider if the breaks continue to happen or sores dont heal it may be that she is incompatible with life.
Now we will continue to do everything we can for our beautiful girl but we need your help with funding her care if anyone can help us keep fighting for her recovery.
In herself beans is doing great she is back walking on her leg. She is grazing and loves attention. We will have to keep beans in a more protected environment due to her brittle bones but we truly feel she has a good quality of life right now.