Hey, I’m Geraldine the Goat!

Geraldine here, I am sure you have met my lovely daughters, Brie and Jemima. They were born here at the sanctuary where I found refuge after being abandoned whilst heavily pregnant. We absolutely love our time at the sanctuary. We are able to explore, go on adventures around the fields and spend time grazing but most importantly, we can do this together as a family. By sponsoring me today you can help us stay together and carry on living our happily little lives here at Idlewild, with lots of pineapple in my tum, that is my favourite fruit you know! 



To sponsor Geraldine the Goat, please download this form: Geraldine Idlewild Sponsorship Form

Please complete the form and email back to the Sanctuary Manager: kim.idlewild@gmail.com

By becoming a sponsor, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Thank you letter
  • Image of your sponsored animal
  • Entry to exclusive sponsor days – here you can meet other sponsors, chat over provided refreshments whilst spending quality time with your animal
  • Bi-annual newsletter, updating you on your animals’ adventures