Hey, I’m Blossom the Sheep!

BAAAAAAAAA I’m Blossom ! I am a welsh mountain ewe, I was born in May 2018. I was found by the nice people at Idlewild in a bad way.  I had a big hole in my head and I had to be rushed off the Vets. The Vets told my care team that I had a fractured skull and I was unlikely to make it, but of course the Idlewild team refused to give up on me and got me some medication and took me back for some intensive care. Although pain free after my meds I continued to have seizures for the next 16 hours. I was very scared, but the centre manager took me home and stayed up with me all night long to keep me strong. With lots of tlc I managed to pull though the first few days and I had turned the corner! I then went off home with another member of staff and my care continued.   I am now a beautiful strong sheep (with my quirks like wonky head and my high pitched baaa) and live outside with my other lamb friends. Please sponsor me today so you can ensure I continue to enjoy living out our days at Idlewild, playing, running and bleating with my friends.



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