Hey, I’m Ben the Sheep!

Hello, Ben ydw I. Rwyf yn ddafad mynadd cymreag, ag yn byw mewn lloches anifeiliad Idlewild. I came here as a young lamb, and I struggled to walk as my legs where crippled. After some much needed physiotherapy and perseverance from the staff at Idlewild, my legs became strong and I now have no problems walking! I recently got sick and had to go to the Leahurst Veterinary Hospital where I stayed for 2 weeks until they could make me better. I had to have scans and an operation and thankfully they found out I had a blocked bladder which they managed to unblock and then I could go home. I am now on a strict diet of grass, grass and more grass. Apparently I am not allowed any concentrate at all but I am not too happy about that. I love food more than anything else and I will work on changing this very soon. I live in the large field and the back of the sanctuary with my sheep friends and the Equines. I love kisses on the nose and a good chin rub, and my favourite part of the day is when people arrive with treats (Shhhh I can have some). Please sponsor me today, it will help Idlewild keep me with my sheep family and help Idlewild provide me with a comfortable life, I do love it here.



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