Idlewild Animal Sanctuary – Providing a safe haven and rehoming centre for unwanted and abandoned animals
Idlewild Animal Sanctuary – Providing a safe haven and rehoming centre for unwanted and abandoned animals

Gertie the Cow

Hey everyone, Its Gertie here.

It has now been 12 months since my sister Wilma and I were rescued by Idlewild. We used to spend a lot of time in an indoor barn which was thick in poop. When we tried to lie down, we would get covered in it; it was yuk! We did spend some time in a field and we loved the fresh air and the outdoor life.

Then one day, we heard the farmer talking about the girls going to “market”. We didn’t know what market meant, but we didn’t like the sound of it at all. Luckily, this lady came along to see us. She said her name was Kim and she was from the sanctuary. Again, we didn’t know what a sanctuary was, but the lady said we would have a nice forever home there, so we though it sounded better than the “market”. The next thing we knew, the lady from that sanctuary place came back with more friends and one of those trailer things. The farmer had put us in that dirty barn again and we didn’t like the look of the trailer at all. The lady from the sanctuary came in with us and we ran away as we were scared. She told us it would be fine and showed us some food and we followed her into the trailer. The farmers and another man outside were shouting at her to get out of the trailer as we might crush her. We wouldn’t you know; we are not like that and I think she knew that she was safe with us. She gave us some food, patted us and told us she would see us at the sanctuary.

We went on quite a long scary drive; I was glad I was with my sister and not on my own. When the trailer stopped, we heard the lady’s voice again and all of a sudden, the trailer opened. Where were we? Was this the sanctuary place we had been told about? This time there were even more people, but they all looked happy to see us. They had more buckets of delicious food and we decided that this sanctuary must be a good place because at the farm we only had grass or hay to eat. The lady and her friends showed us the buckets and then walked away from the trailer door. We followed them through some fields until we arrived at a small paddock with really long grass. Some of the people sat with us for a while and gave us lots of food. This was the start of our new life as part of Idlewild Animal Sanctuary. After a few weeks of getting used to the sanctuary, we were moved to a large 2.5 acre field and this is where we now live. The people at the sanctuary spent a long-time cleaning all the poop off us and making us look like the pretty cows we are. We are very beautiful you know! They feed us really tasty food twice a day and give us haylage (which is my favourite. Apart from apples, I LOVE apples!). In between all these delicious snacks, we can graze in our field as much as we like. We spend most of the day eating or sleeping and sometimes we chase each other round. We have had our very own shelter built in our field that we can use when the weather is bad, but we don’t get shut in anymore. We are very happy to be at the sanctuary and cannot believe it has been 12 months already.

Anyway, I wanted to share my little story about our life at the sanctuary and remind you all that you can sponsor me or my sister Wilma to celebrate us being here for 12 whole months. The sponsorship means the people here can buy us more apples apparently. That sound like a great idea to me, so please do sponsor me if you can. Email for more information.

Anyway, I’m off to do some more eating before it goes dark. Catch you soon friends.

Love Gertie.