Idlewild Animal Sanctuary – Providing a safe haven and rehoming centre for unwanted and abandoned animals
Idlewild Animal Sanctuary – Providing a safe haven and rehoming centre for unwanted and abandoned animals



Arthur came in the sanctuary back in early December 2018 after his elderly lady owner had to go into a care home. He was in a sorry state when he arrived, he was very scared and was suffering from a severe skin allergy. Arthur did not want to be here, he hid in his carrier, inside his pen and hissed every time anyone went near him. He was so scared he refused to eat to begin with and wouldn’t even come out to relieve himself in his litter tray. The staff spent time with Arthur and tried to make him feel more secure. Slowly, over a few weeks, he began to settle a little and started to eat and use his litter tray as long as there was no one around. Arthur received veterinary treatment for his skin condition, had to have a dental including some rotten teeth removed and had to be neutered vaccinated and microchipped. All this necessary treatment created more stress for Arthur, and he would hide constantly. The staff had to regularly groom him to help his skin recover and he would freeze with fear with his whole body tucked up as tight as he could. We knew Arthur was going to need a special kind of person to help to bring him round and make him happy and relaxed.

The team feared that Arthur would be impossible to rehome, that was until a pervious volunteer of the sanctuary contacted the Centre Manager to see if we had any older or special cats that needed a home. Wow, the timing “What were the chances of that?” ….. Christine and her daughter came along to meet Arthur and they instantly fell in love. We arranged a home-check and the home couldn’t be more perfect, they had thought already about where they were going to put Arthur in the house to begin with and how they were going to give him contact and space to suit how he was responding. Arthur then got to go home with his new family and the whole team had everything crossed for him. We kept in contact with his new family and they sent regular updates. A few days after he went home, Kim popped by and saw him and how he was adapting to life in a home. Christine showed Kim to where he was hiding in the office and she was able to give him a little stroke without him hissing. He was making good progress. Arthur went from strength to strength and started to enjoy contact more and more. Christine kept the team informed with pictures and videos.

A week or so after he was adopted, Arthur decided to take himself for a wander overnight and he ended up finding a hidey hole under the bath. Not a problem Christine thought and left him be, he will come out again….. it then became apparent he had found a way past the bath and into the cavity wall. Arthur was not for coming out!!!!! After a very worried and frustrated evening and night, the family had to call in reinforcements and sadly a hole had to be cut in the ceiling of the daughter’s bedroom to get to poor Arthur. When Arthur was pulled from the cavity, he was full of dust and debris but happy to see his new mum and had a cuddle. Next stop for Arthur was the vets to check him over after his ordeal and to treat his scrapes and grazes. Good news he was all fine and off back home. Luckily for Arthur the family were devoted to him already and just pleased to have him safe, even though there was building work to put the house back together. I’m sure cats have been given up for less but not Arthur, he is a lucky boy.


Arthur has now been in his home for over 4 weeks and is a changed cat. He loves his Mum and the rest of the family and is enjoying a happy life. He comes up to his Mum for love and affection and his old miserable life is forgotten. This really is as good as a happy ending gets. You can change a life by adopting a rescue cat.

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